FreeBSD and updating to new release

Matthew Seaman matthew at
Thu Mar 24 08:08:38 UTC 2016

On 24/03/2016 07:50, krad wrote:
> Are you sure this is correct? You could upgrade from 9-10 via freebsd
> update, and the OP did say when 11 is released, so the whole development
> case is not relevant in his case. It would also seem odd users would be
> left hanging with a missing step from 10-11 with binary updates. Sure
> freebsd-update wont be there in 11, but you are running freebsd 10 when you
> do the actual upgrade, and have freebsd-update available.

The binary upgrade path from 10.x to 11.0 will consist of installing the
pkg's for 11.0, not by use of freebsd-update.

If you're installing from source, you now get some extra steps in the
compilation process: 'make packages' creates not just the set of
packages but builds a local repository, and you then use 'pkg install'
to deploy the packages from that repository.



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