freebsd-update problem

Ian Smith smithi at
Fri Mar 11 17:36:03 UTC 2016

In freebsd-questions Digest, Vol 614, Issue 6, Message: 2
On Thu, 10 Mar 2016 07:08:15 -0500 Carmel <carmel_ny at> wrote:

 > I recently installed FreeBSD 11-0 current on a new machine. Now, when I
 > attempt to run "freebsd-update fetch", I receive the following error
 > message.
 > src component not installed, skipped
 > Fetching public key from ... failed
 > (above repeated several times with different URLs)
 > No mirrors remaining, giving up.
 > What am I doing wrong?

With respect, and despite the willingness of people here to help with 
issues, you've either installed an inappropriate version of FreeBSD or 
are not using the appropriate list for issues with it.

You may find that running stable/10 - so following the freebsd-stable 
list - much less of a big leap onto the 'bleeding edge' and sometimes 
unstable development version that -current is intended to be.

cheers, Ian

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