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Tue Jun 28 21:45:07 UTC 2016

On Tue, June 28, 2016 4:26 pm, al plant wrote:
> Warren Block wrote:
>> On Tue, 28 Jun 2016, al plant wrote:
>>> Aloha List,
>>> I have aquired a Dell Laptop Inspiron 14 -3452 Windows 10 O/S.
>>> Box has Hdmi, USB and media card reader ports . Also Wireless network
>>> hookup.
>>> The network is FreeBSD 8 and has an old HP Laser jet printer and
>>> several desktops with FreeBSD that work with the printer.
>>> We want to print email received on the Dell on the network. The
>>> FreeBSD network is hardwired with cables and connectors. The Telcom
>>> link to internet is wireless and cable mixed. Any ideas how I can do
>>> this with the new Dell? Can I use converter connectors to the cable
>>> and connect the Dell to the switch that the other working units
>>> connect to now.
>> Is the "FreeBSD network" connected to the wired port of the cable box?
>> The wireless portion is probably shared with the wired.  From the
>> notebook, ping the laser printer.  Odds are good that will work.
>> The step after that is adding a printer on the Windows system.  The
>> trick there used to be telling it to use a "local port", then creating
>> a port for the IP address of the printer.  I don't know if or how much
>> Microsoft might have changed that in later versions of Windows.  Which
>> version do you have?

They didn't change anything. You can create two kind of ports (at least
two). Namely: you can create "raw" port, and give there IP address of the
printer. This printer has to listen to "jetdirect" port (9100) for this to
work. The other way is if printer listens to LPD ("spooler") port (port
number 515) (or better: print server, - I usually set up all printer to
only accept print jobs from print server - easier to manage especially if
something is wrong with some client). In this case, you need to enable two
services on Windows side (through "turning on features"): UNIX printing
related: "LPD Print Service" and "LPR Port Monitr". This teaches Windows
talk UNIX printing language, you then create local port of type LPD (and
put remote LPD server's IP there). I found this to be the most robust way
of having Windows printing to UNIX print queues.

I hope, this helps.


> Thanks Warren, I will look at this.
> Windows 10
> My wife works with a mix of mac, windows at her job and her It guy has
> had a couple of issues that never were reserved mostly to do with age of
> printers. This we hoped to side step  by  the network. I cant figure out
> how you get the network hooked to the windows. I am looking to info on
> what ports could work on the box.
> Thanks
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