network hook up for Win 10 laptop on Freebsd

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Tue Jun 28 21:26:37 UTC 2016

Warren Block wrote:
> On Tue, 28 Jun 2016, al plant wrote:
>> Aloha List,
>> I have aquired a Dell Laptop Inspiron 14 -3452 Windows 10 O/S.
>> Box has Hdmi, USB and media card reader ports . Also Wireless network 
>> hookup.
>> The network is FreeBSD 8 and has an old HP Laser jet printer and 
>> several desktops with FreeBSD that work with the printer.
>> We want to print email received on the Dell on the network. The 
>> FreeBSD network is hardwired with cables and connectors. The Telcom 
>> link to internet is wireless and cable mixed. Any ideas how I can do 
>> this with the new Dell? Can I use converter connectors to the cable 
>> and connect the Dell to the switch that the other working units 
>> connect to now.
> Is the "FreeBSD network" connected to the wired port of the cable box? 
> The wireless portion is probably shared with the wired.  From the 
> notebook, ping the laser printer.  Odds are good that will work.
> The step after that is adding a printer on the Windows system.  The 
> trick there used to be telling it to use a "local port", then creating 
> a port for the IP address of the printer.  I don't know if or how much 
> Microsoft might have changed that in later versions of Windows.  Which 
> version do you have?
Thanks Warren, I will look at this.

Windows 10

My wife works with a mix of mac, windows at her job and her It guy has 
had a couple of issues that never were reserved mostly to do with age of 
printers. This we hoped to side step  by  the network. I cant figure out 
how you get the network hooked to the windows. I am looking to info on 
what ports could work on the box.       


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