Resolution on SCFB X11 Driver

Charles W. Ross cwr at
Fri Jun 24 17:24:24 UTC 2016

Hi all,

I'm running FreeBSD 10.3 on an Intel NUC with 4th generation graphics.
This is not supported by the i915 driver yet, so I'm using the SCFB
(frame buffer) driver.

It works, but I can't seem to set an optimal resolution. My display (24"
Dell) supports 1920*1200, but the system only permits X11 to operate at

I have tried the usual settings in xorg.conf to define the display's
"Modes" at 1920*1200, but no luck. Running 'xrandr' presents only one
option: 1280*1024.

I know the SCFB driver is capable of operating at higher resolutions,
does anyone have any tips on how to set this?



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