FreeBSD-10.3p5 - Samba43-4.3.8

Kevin Seidel mail at
Wed Jun 22 21:23:54 UTC 2016

The current install won't work.
You have to run the provisioning again after updating, but then it
should work as expected.

If you are using the 'quarterly' builds you are still stuck with 4.3.8,
but you can track the 'latest' builds for 4.3.9 (or even 4.4.3_1).
Just change the url line in '/etc/pkg/FreeBSD.conf' from 'url:
"pkg+${ABI}/quarterly"' to 'url:
"pkg+${ABI}/latest"' and run 'pkg update'.

The alternative would be to build it from ports.


On 22/06/16 10:56 PM, James B. Byrne via freebsd-questions wrote:
> On Wed, June 22, 2016 16:34, Kevin Seidel wrote:
>> Hi James,
>> this bug was already reported
>> ( and is
>> fixed
>> in samba43-4.3.8_1 and samba43-4.3.9.
> Thank you very much.  But is the domain install that I have just
> finished damaged or not?  If this is just a bunch of warning messages
> about a deprecated call but things are just fine regardless then I can
> keep going.  If it indicates a serious defect impacting the integrity
> of the installation then I have to fix it.
> If I may impose another question: Are either of these available as a
> package?
> I have been using pkg exclusively to this point.  When I run
> freebsd-update fetch it reports nothing newer than what I already have
> so I infer these are not packages.  Building a port should prove no
> hardship but if these are already packaged then I would prefer to use
> pkg.
> Sincerely,

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