Anything special to do moving to SSD?

Warren Block wblock at
Wed Jun 15 02:16:55 UTC 2016

On Wed, 15 Jun 2016, Manish Jain wrote:

>> Provided the existing filesystems will fit on the SSD a migrate in
>> place is quite easy. I have done this quite recently based on the
>> excellent write up here
>> - don't treat it as
>> a step-by-step adapt it to your setup (not hard).
> I am bothered by this thought. Let's say my old SATA disk is da0 and I
> attach the SSD as da1 for copying the filesystem via dump+restore. Next
> I remove the SATA entirely and reboot. Now will the SSD still be da1 ?
> If not, then I have no way of knowing how to configure /etc/fstab for
> the SSD.

Use GPT labels.  Or UFS filesystem labels:

Even on single-disk systems, labels make it easier to deal with 

> Incidentally, I don't know whether this is relevant - my system will be
> a dual boot PC, with Win XP as secondary OS. I think that means that I
> cannot use GPT and I will have to use MBR for partitioning. Am I right
> about that ?

Yes.  But unless you have a strong requirement to run XP on bare 
hardware (like for games), install VirtualBox and run it as a VM.  That 
makes it easy to transplant elsewhere when the need arises.

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