advice for buying a laptop

John Levine johnl at
Fri Jun 10 20:59:29 UTC 2016

>You sound like a creative person. As am I, therefore nothing but the latest
>MacBook Pro will do it for me. ...

OK so far.

>I usually remove OS X, install Windows 10 ...

Oh, gross.

FreeBSD under virtualbox works just dandy under OS X.  It's not hard
to set it up so that X applications on FreeBSD talk to the native
XQuartz server.  Indeed, that's how I'm typing this message.

I used to run native FreeBSD on a ThinkPad, but keeping the X server
working became very painful, and the ports of Firefox and Chrome are
flaky.  The Mac has an adequate implementation of most unixy stuff,
web browsers work way better under MacOS than under BSD, and the BSD
VM is there when I want real BSD for things that don't work under
MacOS or when I'm doing development of stuff I'm going to run on my
BSD server in a datacenter. 


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