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Fri Jun 10 16:25:51 UTC 2016

Murk Fletcher writes:

> Hi!
> You sound like a creative person. As am I, therefore nothing but the latest
> MacBook Pro will do it for me. Product design-wise nothing even comes
> close, and the clearness and beauty of the retina screen not only makes it
> easier for your eyes, it also makes your work seem more appealing as you
> get to see it in greater details.
> I usually remove OS X, install Windows 10 with Classic Shell and other
> simplifications, and then run FreeBSD/OpenBSD inside VirtualBox. I
> therefore get the best of all worlds; all my Unix needs covered via PuTTY
> to localhost, plus the ability to run Adobe, Ableton etc. applications
> which Windows does a lot better than OS X.

Putting aside how utterly insane this sounds, it should go without
saying that if someone is asking what hardware to buy then they intend
to run on bare metal, because if you're running in a VM it doesn't
matter what hardware you buy.


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