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You sound like a creative person. As am I, therefore nothing but the latest
MacBook Pro will do it for me. Product design-wise nothing even comes
close, and the clearness and beauty of the retina screen not only makes it
easier for your eyes, it also makes your work seem more appealing as you
get to see it in greater details.

I usually remove OS X, install Windows 10 with Classic Shell and other
simplifications, and then run FreeBSD/OpenBSD inside VirtualBox. I
therefore get the best of all worlds; all my Unix needs covered via PuTTY
to localhost, plus the ability to run Adobe, Ableton etc. applications
which Windows does a lot better than OS X.



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> Hey guy and gals! :-)
> For most of my life I have lived quite happily without a mobile computer
> (as in a laptop). I do own an 8" Android tablet which to me is more like
> a phone than anything else. It's not really good for writing longer text
> s.
> The future has it in for me in that I will traveling a fair bit among
> other things for my sports club. Because I need a computer on these
> trips I intend to buy a laptop within the next 6 weeks or so.
> It may be that I am strange, but I actually like the older T-Series by
> IBM or Lenovo much more than most newer machines. They have great
> keyboards and the machines themselves are hard to break. They are just
> built well. There is a store near where I live where they sell
> refurbished Laptops and they have a whole bunch of T520s there - which
> is exactly the model I am currently looking at. Since I am buying this
> with my own money, I don't mind spending a little less. :-)
> I don't care about gaming performance. That's not what I need it for.
> Most of my work will include writing (probably 80% TeX, lots of emails,
> some letters). There will be some work done specifically for my sports
> club (which requires special Windows software) - and yes, I will try to
> get it to run with wine. :-) There will be some Firefoxing and some
> video watching while I am on the train. This is the basic usage profile.
> I will be running a dual-boot system with Windows (hopefully 7) and I
> also want to run FreeBSD. This is where you guys come in. Laptops often
> contain evil hardware which will not work too well with Linux, BSD and
> the like because of missing or broken drivers. Will this be a concern
> with the T520? Even if the work I do would be possible in theory, I do
> not plan on working through a frame buffer!
> Here is some info about the laptop:
> Do you think that this machine will work well with FreeBSD on it? Is
> there some other machine I should take a look at? While looking around,
> I noticed the T520 and liked it (because I have used it before), but I
> don't know every model out there and thus I am open to suggestions.
> Thanks for your input and advice!
> Best regards,
> Chris
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