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Christian Baer [2016-06-08 19:30 +0200] :

> Here is some info about the laptop:
> Do you think that this machine will work well with FreeBSD on it? Is
> there some other machine I should take a look at? While looking
> around, I noticed the T520 and liked it (because I have used it
> before), but I don't know every model out there and thus I am open to
> suggestions.

Make sure that the notebook doesn't have NVIDIA Optimus. It works with
bumblebee on Linux but I am not sure whether it does on FreeBSD.

If I bought a new notebook, I would go for T4<something>0s. I would get
a s(lim) version because they are much lighter and much thinner. Since
you want to use it when being mobile, you should think about this.
T4<something>0s are also much lighter than their T5<something> variants.
The display is a bit smaller but with a resolution of 1900x<something>
you're good to go.

My T420 is six years old and I use it everyday nearly all the time. It's
running smooth, so quality of these notebooks is great. I don't know
about the newer series though, but probably it's the best you can get
out there. If I bought a new one, I would at least go for a T430s, maybe
even a newer model.

Also think about saving some money for a SSD. They're definitely worth
every cent.

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