Striped mirror raid10

Bernt Hansson bah at
Wed Jun 1 10:56:04 UTC 2016

Hello list!

I have set up a striped mirror;

root at testbox:~ # gmirror status
            Name    Status  Components
mirror/gmirror0  COMPLETE  ada0 (ACTIVE)
                            ada1 (ACTIVE)
mirror/gmirror1  COMPLETE  ada2 (ACTIVE)
                            ada3 (ACTIVE)
root at testbox:~ # gstripe status
           Name  Status  Components
stripe/stripe0      UP  mirror/gmirror0

/dev/stripe/stripe0           1.8T    4.0K    1.8T     0% /raid10

Now I want to encrypt it, but is that wise? I mean you can remove a disk 
from the mirror,

won't that break the encryption? And the mirror/stripe.

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