Creating a pkg

Andrew Wood andrewjameswood at
Thu Jul 28 15:46:57 UTC 2016

I'm experimenting with creating a pkg package for a program Ive created 
on my system which is a set of Python & shell scripts.

I have a few of questions:

1. Despite following the example +MANIFEST file given on the wiki I am 
getting the error pkg: Bad format in manifest for key: version

I am invoking the command like this: pkg create -M ./+MANIFEST
with the current working directory being the one containing the manifest 
and all the program scripts.

the line in the manifest is as follows:

version: 0.3

Any idea why it doesnt like this?

2. As my program is Python & shell scripts and is therefore platform 
independent can I use arch: all ?

3. When specifying a dependency package and its version, is the version 
taken as that version only or will it also be satisfied by a later 
version? According to the docs there is no way to specify one or the other.

Many thanks


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