math/open-axiom gone?

Mathieu Arnold mat at
Tue Jul 26 08:10:02 UTC 2016

+--On 26 juillet 2016 04:18:14 +0200 cpghost <cpghost at> wrote:
| Hello,
| after updating my ports tree, I've found out that math/open-axiom
| has been deleted! After math/fricas unusable with sbcl-1.3.x for
| many months and now gone too, I'm left with NO alternatives for
| that kind of software here.
| Fortunately, I still have a working package of open-axiom on my machine,
| running with SBCL 1.3.1 right now:

Like all ports that are removed because BROKEN, it had been marked BROKEN,
because it was not building, for about six months before being removed, so
that someone, anyone, can step in and provide a fix.  This is a volunteer
project, and if you need this software, feel free to submit a patch so that
it builds again.


Mathieu Arnold
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