Losing network connectivity - Is there a virus on my system ?

Dutch Ingraham stoa at gmx.us
Mon Jul 25 22:30:39 UTC 2016

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> Subject: Losing network connectivity - Is there a virus on my system ?
> Hi,
> I am using FreeBSD 10.2 amd64, with Win XP as a backup OS. Since 
> yesterday, I am experiencing a strange situation. Internet connectivity is 
> lost every 10-15 minutes. 'ping www.freebsd.org' starts reporting 100% 
> packet loss. If I run 'service netif restart', ping reports "No route to 
> host".
> The only way to fix the problem is to reboot into XP where internet works 
> okay. Then I reboot into FreeBSD, where things are okay too - for 10 or 
> minutes, after which the story gets played again.
> Is it possible that somebody has hacked my system to place some malicious 
> code somewhere to make the system behave like this ? Or is somebody on the 
> ISP's side doing funny things to bring my internet down ?
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Sounds like a timeout; have you checked whether there 
is a re-leasing problem (if you are using dhcp, that is)?

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