OpenVPN with xp & win7 clients

Ernie Luzar luzar722 at
Sun Jul 17 15:58:14 UTC 2016

Hello List;

I travel outside of my home country a lot and can not access some web 
site content because internet connection is from foreign ip address range.

I see many how-tos for installing and configuration VPN on a FreeBSD 
host. But all most all of these how-tos assume the client will be a 
FreeBSD box also. In my case I have 2 laptops I travel with, win xp & 
win7. The official OpenVPN website does offer clients for xp & win7 but 
configuration info is not available.

Looking for how-to to setup VPN client on xp & win7.

The FreeBSD handbook has section on IPsec/VPN, but again it assumes 
server and client is a FreeBSD host. Looking for how-to on setting up 
IPsec/VPN on xp & win7.

I have 2 concerns. How much hesitation will VPN inject into watching tv 
programs or movies on my laptops in a foreign country? Will IPsec/VPN 
inject longer hesitations?

Can I use the remote VPN client to start the show streaming and then 
have the VPN host record the program? Later down loading the program 
file to my laptop for viewing?


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