Panic during boot when mounting ZFS root

Claus Andersen clan at
Fri Jul 15 14:18:35 UTC 2016


I would like to have some advice on continued troubleshooting of this.

- System is running 10.1 (or maybe later)
- ZFS on root
- pool name is tank
- Panics when mounting during boot
- Same in single user mode
- I can PXE boot server to memtest - and RAM should be OK (Only 30 min 
- I can PXE boot server into "rescue" system which is mfsbsd 10.3
- The server is remote but I can get IP KVM

In the rescue system I can see the pool - and at first glance it looks 

root at rescue:~ # zpool import
    pool: tank
      id: 17627562107603613001
   state: ONLINE
  status: Some supported features are not enabled on the pool.
  action: The pool can be imported using its name or numeric identifier, 
         some features will not be available without an explicit 'zpool 

         tank        ONLINE
           raidz2-0  ONLINE
             ada0p3  ONLINE
             ada1p3  ONLINE
             ada2p3  ONLINE
             ada3p3  ONLINE
             ada4p3  ONLINE
             ada5p3  ONLINE
             ada6p3  ONLINE

I try to import it - but it fails:

     root at rescue:~ # zpool import -o altroot=/mnt tank
     cannot import 'tank': pool may be in use from other system
     use '-f' to import anyway

Then I add the -f switch - and the server panics!

     root at rescue:~ # zpool import -f -o altroot=/mnt tank

I think it writes a line or two on the console but it reboots too quickly 
for me to see what it is. So no error messages to search on :-/

My intention was to try to run a "zpool scrub tank" but I need to do the 
import first.

This is at the edge of my ZFS troubeshooting knowledge. Does anyone have 
any advice on how to proceed?

Kind Regards,
Claus Andersen

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