How to make smooth USB access available to Virtualbox vm

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at
Tue Jul 5 06:46:40 UTC 2016

On Tue, 5 Jul 2016 08:32:30 +0200, Polytropon wrote:
>or another means of virtual network?
>It sounds so stupid - it could actually work! ;-)

This sounds not stupid, but like a good idea, since the perhaps only
good thing with vbox are easy to share folders (at least on Linux
hosts). The advantage of vbox is, that there's no need to use SAMBA.



On Tue, 5 Jul 2016 08:10:49 +0200, CeDeROM wrote:
>The USB support on VirtualBox is highly unreliable and version

I can confirm this for Linux hosts, too.

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