[installworld] Do We need /usr/obj

Russell L. Carter rcarter at pinyon.org
Mon Jan 25 00:22:41 UTC 2016

On 01/24/16 16:49, Lars Eighner wrote:
> On Sun, 24 Jan 2016, Tim Daneliuk wrote:
>> One of the servers I maintain has a very small footprint (it's a VPS).
>> It is set up to do a full buildworld/buildkernel every night.  That way,
>> when its time to upgrade for, say, security reasons, there is no build
>> delay
>> (which takes nearly 5 hours on this virtual machine).

I'm bringing up 2 VPS stable/10 systems soon, and my plan is to update
via NFS over OpenVPN.  I already update multiple boxen with different
kernel configs this way, though not over OpenVPN.  So I might run into
problems, but I should be able to make it happen.

It would be sooooo much easier to maintain these if they were debian,
but I'm committed.  (I.e., more propaganda in favor of packaging
the base system)


> Yes, you can delete /usr/bin after installworld. The problem is that you
> will need approximately the same space if and when you rebuild the system.
> So if you are rebuilding periodically (such as nightly), you cannot gain
> any
> space this way.
> If you have space in /tmp or /var you could link /usr/bin to some of that
> space.
> You could also mount removable storage at /usr/bin for the build, but this
> is not going to work with an automated chron job or without physical access
> to the machine to attach the moveable storage.

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