Is it possible to mount my microSD ?

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Tue Jan 12 13:36:44 UTC 2016

On Tue, 12 Jan 2016 18:06:39 +0530, Manish Jain wrote:
> I have been left looking a bit of a fool here. The first few times I 
> attached the card, the messages popped up in dmesg alright. But there 
> was no /dev/da0* device, and I was utterly confused. The confusion 
> became confounding when I just attached the card this last time, and 
> whoa ... the file manager pops up a prompt to open up the microSD disk 
> drive, and the /dev/da0[s1] devices are there, of course.

Okay, so a file manager (which one?) with automount functionality
is in the mix, too! Well, this makes things more complicated... :-)

> I have no idea whether this is a problem with my FreeBSD system or a 
> problem with the mobile/card or no problem at all.

It might as well be the file manager or the automount magic behind
it which is not reacting properly to the appearing and disappearing
of the device.

> I have no idea too 
> what will be the results when I attach the card the next time. But I do 
> remember something which might be relevant. A couple of months back, I 
> attached the mobile+card to Windows XP a few times. 5-6 times the device 
> manager showed an unknown device, and the final time I attached it, the 
> drive in the card magically popped up.

Maybe "Windows" needed to "repair" it? Perform a file system check
just to be sure. Sometimes, this kind of "repair" results in corrupted
file system structure or damaged files.

> This gets besides the FreeBSD 
> issue but makes a nice story. I took the mobile to the authorized Nokia 
> dealer, and he said the microSD card is not supposed to show up at all 
> with the handset model I have.

Yes, some devices actually do not support da (direct access) at all.
They instead require a specific mechanism called MTP (media transfer
protocol), which is comparable to PTP used by some digital cameras
which don't have da capabilities as well. In this case, "mtp-tools"
is a good way to start.

Additionally, check all the relevant settings of the device which
could be related to storage, networking, and so on.

> I even verified this in front of me with 
> a brand new handset (same model) and brand new microSD card. As per him, 
> the error was not the 5-6 times device manager showed unknown device, 
> but the final time when the disk showed up. He further stated that the 
> mass storage device is supposed to work only when the Nokia connectivity 
> driver is installed.

Is such a driver available for FreeBSD (or at least for Linux)?

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