Changing Gateway temporarilly

JosC bsduser at
Sat Feb 27 15:54:03 UTC 2016

In een bericht van 27-2-2016 14:34:
> I believe the term you are looking for is policy based routing, have a 
> look at man pf.conf(5) 
> <>. Using 
> pf will allow you to set up rules that route traffic out different 
> gateways. As for getting the second gateway accessible, you can simply 
> use an alternate IP address on the interface. Use vlans if you have a 
> switch supporting it. or use the same internal subnet for both 
> gateways, but of course different IPs for the gateway itself.
> I haven't done it myself on FreeBSD, but I do use a similar setup on a 
> pfSense box on one of the remote manufacturing plants where I work. in 
> that case its in a small town, best download rate we can get is on 
> DSL, but upload is very limited so we have a bundled T1 for VPN back 
> to main office, and use the DSL line with HTTP & HTTPS traffic routed 
> to DSL.
Thanks, will check this out.

BR, Jos

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