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Dan Langille dan at langille.org
Wed Feb 24 14:46:08 UTC 2016

> On Feb 24, 2016, at 7:34 AM, Matthew Seaman <matthew at FreeBSD.org> wrote:
> On 02/24/16 11:29, Rick Miller wrote:
>> I need to check what non-default port options have been set on a Poudriere
>> built repo and the options sub-command appeared to fit the bill with the -s
>> option.  However, upon executing port option -s -f $file, the output seems
>> to describe what options are available along with their default setting as
>> opposed to it's current setting.  Is this the expected behavior?  Is there
>> an alternate method of checking what options have changed for arbitrary
>> ports?
> poudriere options -s .... will show you the current options settings
> poudriere will use when it builds anything.  If you never set any
> options for a particular port, then it will show you the default set of
> options.
> As I recall, it's not obvious where an option has been set to anything
> other than the default value.  You can tell when an option has been set,
> but you'll need to dig deeper to find out if the value it was set to is
> different to the default.

FreshPorts has the default config, listed under 'Configuration Options':

  e.g. https://www.freshports.org/sysutils/bacula-server/ <https://www.freshports.org/sysutils/bacula-server/>

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