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> * David Benfell <benfell at> [2016-02-07 20:55:37-0800]:
>> > I am looking for a mailing list software application in the ports
>> > collection that DOESN'T show any list members email address in the
>> > posts.
>> I believe mailman can do this. It is an option in the mailing list
>> configuration but it is not on by default.
> Correct. Install GNU Mailman from ports, and set the anonymous_list
> option when setting up your list. But see also the caveat from the docs:
>    anonymous_list
>           This variable allows you to turn on some simple anonymizing
>           features of Mailman. When you set this option to Yes, Mailman
>           will remove or replace the From:, Sender:, and Reply-To:
>           fields of any message posted to the list.

Make sure you setup DKIM as well.  Otherwise you'll have mail rejected 
constantly and accounts being disabled as a result.

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