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Simon simon at
Tue Dec 20 19:07:25 UTC 2016

On 19 Dec 2016 16:05:17 -0000, John Levine wrote:

>>>Exactly like the root DNS servers. Do you have problems with those?
>>No, not exactly. DNS root servers are paid for via domain fees (ICANN).

>Misinformation like this is not helpful.

>ICANN runs the L root.  The other 12 are run by other organizations on
>essentially a handshake basis, with no money changing hands.

>>So when I find free domain registration service for my domains it will be
>>just like LE, but until then...  ya, I have a problem, I want it free!

>You might enjoy .tk.  Domains are free, $0.

>In the meantime, sensible people are all getting their certs from
>Let's Encrypt.


Essentially? So when those organizations sell ISP related services,
such as VeriSign running J server, that is not cost passed down to
consumers, no? Or when ARMY runs one, the tax payers are not
on the hook? of course not.. It's like *free* peering! No, it isn't
free! both sides pay through their provided and paid-for consumer
services. You probably think the country roads you drive on are free
too because you don't receive a direct bill for them. Like I said,
indirectly paid-for.

.tk free, ya? well, ya, up to 12 months but for 1+ year there is a
standard, not even subsidized fee! So ya, they want you to get
the domain and then when you put it to use, of course you will
continue to renew it at a fee! Who is spreading misinformation
here. For testing purposes you can get some subdomain for
free for limited time or even longer use in many places. When I
asked about free domains, I was not asking up to 12 months. I
meant free as in free, not some limited time BS free. Plus I want
.com, .net not some sill .tk When you get free SSL does it
say you are special next to it like .tk does?

So again, still looking for free domains, servers, admins, and
colocation. Maybe Amazon can hook me up with their 
cloud they make billions off of :D


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