Unable to install xorg

Daniil Berendeev pipfstarrd at openmailbox.org
Sat Dec 17 19:39:39 UTC 2016

> Hi Harold,
> That should not happen. I assume you ran 'pkg install xorg', which 
> should finish nicely in 1-2 hours once you accept the installation.
The network can be down, Harold might be trying to install from a
non-privileged user, if he is using sudo, sudo might be misconfigured,
he might be using ports, than: his ports could be outdated, he fetched a
broken port (I've been complaining about fetching from HEAD by default
not so long ago), etc.

As a pre-help I'd suggest doing:

freebsd-update fetch install

and if Harold uses ports:
portsnap fetch update

pkg upgrade

After that trying again and reporting here,
in case of failure, outputs of the following commands would be nice to
be provided:

df -h
nslookup goo.gl
ping -c 3


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