No pkg(8) database found! 11.0-RELEASE DVD based setup. What next?

Harry Schmalzbauer freebsd at
Tue Dec 13 19:37:08 UTC 2016


my doughter get's her first laptop for christmas.
While preparing, I went the same way I did about 18 years ago with
FreeBSD 3.0, when I was new to FreeBSD and was amazed about the success
Needless to mention that usually I build my own packages and have decent
datacenter infrastructure in our company...
But I'm failing using bsdconfig(8) :-(

My simple question is: How do I install FreeBSD packages offline?
I want to try out regular X11-related packages like KDE or LXDE... In a
way my 12 year old doughter can follow.

No REPOS_DIR, no pkg(8) cli (how could she know what software there is?!).
Simply a curses based GUI to select packages for installation.

Is this another pkg(8) fallout?
No way for beginners to get a graphical system?



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