How to become a developer/commiter to FreeBSD

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Fri Dec 2 06:13:33 UTC 2016

El día Friday, December 02, 2016 a las 03:42:43AM +0100, Bertram Scharpf escribió:

> Hi,
> On Thursday, 01. Dec 2016, 13:34:02 +0100, lukaszgryglicki wrote:
> > Hi, I'm a developer, working in my own (one person)
> > company.  [...] I want to contribute to FreeBSD in my
> > spare time, but not sure who should I contact. [...]
> Don't promise yourself too much. I have problem reports with
> proposed fixes running for years. I even wrote to the list
> that I will not report anything more before my running
> reports will be processed, and nothing happened.
> As long as you are not part of the core mishpoke they will
> treat you like a leper. The list likes to discuss about
> complaints about complaints about spam while inferior
> operating systems enthrall themselves about abusing
> standards.

I can not ACK this. I took over maintainer on some abandoned ports, for example
head/print/muttprint, because I do need them, and the commiters guided me
very well through the update and patch procedure, as well in other cases
while hunting crash bugs, for example in editors/libreoffice. Just
search in bugzilla if you need more details.


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