How to become a developer/commiter to FreeBSD

Bertram Scharpf lists at
Fri Dec 2 02:42:54 UTC 2016


On Thursday, 01. Dec 2016, 13:34:02 +0100, lukaszgryglicki wrote:
> Hi, I'm a developer, working in my own (one person)
> company.  [...] I want to contribute to FreeBSD in my
> spare time, but not sure who should I contact. [...]

Don't promise yourself too much. I have problem reports with
proposed fixes running for years. I even wrote to the list
that I will not report anything more before my running
reports will be processed, and nothing happened.

As long as you are not part of the core mishpoke they will
treat you like a leper. The list likes to discuss about
complaints about complaints about spam while inferior
operating systems enthrall themselves about abusing

That's hard speech and surely exaggerated, but plainly
showing good intentions is not what seems to be polled for.


Bertram Scharpf
Stuttgart, Deutschland/Germany

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