How do I limit I/O usage for a user/process? A user broke my system

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Sat Aug 27 13:29:16 UTC 2016

On 08/19/16 11:23, Magnus Ahriman wrote:
> Hi,
> Today I had a user who decided to open a very large text file in pico. The
> result was a complete denial of service of the system and everything
> stalled/was working veeeeery slowly.
> Even after the user had killed the process it took quite some while for the
> system to recover and I seemed to notice improvements of certain services
> after having restarted them.
> What are my options to limit resource usage for users? I tried renicing the
> user's process but to no help and the problem was most certainly with disk
> I/O. I don't want a normal user being able to lock up my entire system just
> by viewing text files. So any ideas?
> Best regards,
> Magnus
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Have you look at this?

Not testet, sorry.


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