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  CeDeROM wrote:

> Hello,
> Are there any plans to make stable port/package of OpenStack on FreeBSD? :-)
> I have seen this nice article that first steps are already made:
> It would be really nice to build this kind of cloud infrastructure on
> top of FreeBSD :-)
> Best regards :-)
> Tomek

Hi Tomek,

This blog post was written by me and I had an intention to add FreeBSD
support into OpenStack back then.

At this point I've sort of dropped the ball on this idea (for now at
least). Technically, it's not very complicated task to get OpenStack
working with libvirt/Xen/FreeBSD backend (a little more complicated in
libvirt/bhyve case, but mainly because bhyve misses some features needed
by OpenStack).

Practically, OpenStack development process is quite fast and new
features submission is complex (IMHO).

1. It requires blueprint/spec submission for new features. This usually
   spawns a discussion and it's necessary to re-iterate on the spec
   several times before it gets accepted.

   Additionally, FreeBSD support would require a number of specs for
   several components (nova, neutron and maybe cinder to start with),
   and additionally specs for refactoring of the current code for
   portability (and that needs to go in line with other work that's
   happening in those components).

2. There should be a 3rd party CI for FreeBSD that requires time to
   setup and maintain and hardware to run on.

So I decided that's not something that I have enough free time to work

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Roman Bogorodskiy
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