converting 10.3-i386 to 10.3-amd64

Thomas Mueller mueller6722 at
Thu Aug 25 06:59:50 UTC 2016

from Warren Block:

> Right, a buildworld is going to build for the same architecture that is
> installed.  If you have not done much customization yet, the easiest and most
> reliable way to go to amd64 is to just back up data, download and install the
> amd64 version, and restore.  It's possible there is now a simple way to
> convert, but there wasn't the last time I did this, and I ended up copying
> amd64 binaries from another system to get the i386 one functional enough to
> build an amd64 kernel and world.

You mean you can't build amd64 kernel and world from an i386 installation?  I've done that in both FreeBSD and NetBSD.

But I never tried to install amd64 kernel and world over an i386 installation (or vice versa); I installed to a different partition.


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