FreeBSD/Xorg/Openchrome Segfault

CK un_x at
Thu Aug 25 01:34:07 UTC 2016

Yes, I am familiar with the "Opera 12.16 is very old" mantra,
but HTML4 is HTML4, and there is no interest in
video/flash/HTML5 here.  Opera is a great browser, but it did
fail on uploading to datafile hosting websites which always use
javascript, and this requirement became crucial.  The whole
reason to download the current ports.txz was to try Xombrero,
which has so many dependencies, it was preferable to try a
precompiled 'pkg' installation; however, 9.3 'pkg' is totally
incompatable with the new 'pkg' in effect, thus requiring a
whole new ports upgrade, which resulted in the Xorg/OpenChrome

Thanks for the x11 bug report and mailing list advice.
32MB is the AGP setting in BIOS, which can go up to 64MB,
but no more than 32MB was ever used when set to 64MB when
this was last tested, and at this time, Xorg seems to
disable AGP entirely for the OpenChrome driver:

[337143.467] (**) CHROME(0): Option "EnableAGPDMA" "off"

As was shown in the initial log.  Yes, 10.3 is an option.  But
also is the option of using the 0.5 version of OpenChrome as
opposed to the 0.3.3 version in the current ports tree.

>Opera 12.16 is very old now (it's not been in active development
>for many years) and tends to be quite troublesome IME, which is
>a pity as it is nice and light compared to many other browsers,
>so once you get X working agaih you may find it worthwhile to
>try another browser (perhaps chromium or firefox).
>As for getting X11 working - that core dump is probably worth a
>bug report and asking about on the freebsd-x11 mailing list.
>One thing that strikes me is that 32MB seems rather small for
>video RAM these days perhaps that needs to be forced up somehow.
>Finally if you have a machine available try 10.3.
>Steve O'Hara-Smith <steve at>

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