bsdinstall and setup script

Aropalo Tommi taropalo at
Tue Aug 23 11:37:31 UTC 2016


I am trying to set new zfs data set during installation time after the
preamble part. Setting the data set is fine but it gets mounted under
/mnt/mnt/opt. If I break installation process and do umount and then
remount it it will be under /mnt/opt.

This is what I do
#mkdir /opt
#zfs create zroot/mydir
#zfs set mountpoint="/opt/mydir" zroot/mydir
#pkg add mypkg ( it goes /opt/mydir)

After the reboot nothing can be found /opt/mydir. If I umount
zroot/mydir I can see pkg's there.

So why is zroot/mydir is mounted under /mnt/mnt/opt/mydir and not
/mnt/opt/mydir during running bsdinstall? And thus pkg's gets installed
to the wrong directory

Anyone any ideas!

Best Regards

Tommi Aropalo

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