Monitoring server for crashes

Robert Fitzpatrick robert at
Mon Aug 22 16:19:51 UTC 2016

David Christensen wrote:
> I would advise testing before changing anything.  The strategy is:
> devise a reproducible test that invokes the bug, use the test to isolate
> the bug, fix the bug, re-run test to verify the bug is fixed, re-run the
> test periodically to verify that that bug has not returned.

Sorry so long to post back, yes, I decided this approach was best and 
found full backup of the PostgreSQL database causes crash while backing 
up individual databases (including the largest) does not. Perhaps 
Postgres just provides the environment to trigger the crash and might 
not be the culprit, but it's the only way I can reproduce at the moment. 
I did find the IBM specs for memory of that board and have not compared 
yet to the box, maybe soon. Just slammed with work and this box is 
replicated. While I don't want it down, I can take my time finding the 
real solution if workaround exists. If memory is not right, will change 
and re-run the full backup of postgres.

This box is currently running FreeBSD 10.0-RELEASE-p18.


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