Safe to buildworld/buildkernel 10.1 -> 10.3 (skip 10.2)

David Demelier demelier.david at
Sat Aug 20 12:34:16 UTC 2016

2016-08-17 19:17 GMT+02:00 Chris Stankevitz <chris at>:
> Hi,
> Is it safe to upgrade directly from 10.1 to 10.3?  My systems are not
> connected to the internet.  I upgrade by sneaker-netting /usr/src and
> building world/kernel.

AFAIK, there is nothing wrong in upgrading in more that one step.

The /usr/src/UPDATING tells if there are something to do before
updating, it's pretty rare but sometimes it's needed. I remember a
version required to build the config(8) tool before anything else.


Demelier David

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