Root on ZFS, LiveCD and BE

Victor Sudakov vas at
Sat Aug 20 10:54:45 UTC 2016

Kevin P. Neal wrote:
> > 
> > Which is the appropriate maillist to ask questions about Root-on-ZFS
> > systems? Like the ones below:
> It's a reasonable place to start. Folks around here will point you in the
> right direction if the answer requires more expertise.

Folks, please do :-)

> > 2. Sometimes it's necessary to mount a system's root from another >
> > system (LiveCD, mfsBSD or similar). To do that, you have to import a >
> > ystem's zroot pool on another system. Is it safe? Is it not going to >
> > render the *original* system unbootable?
> You can use the altroot property to be certain that anything automatically
> mounted gets mounted underneath the directory specified by that property.
> Give the zpool import command the "-o altroot=/some/path" option, and make
> sure that /some/path already exists.
> You can also import with the "-N" option to prevent automatic mounting of
> datasets in the imported pool.
> But, really, take a look at the mountpoint property for the root filesystem

Kevin, this is all good advice how not to screw up the second (fixit) system
into which the zroot of the first (original) one is being temporarily imported.
However, I am more concerned about not screwing up the first,
*original* system whose zroot is temporarily mounted to another fixit
system and then again used as a bootable root pool. 

What would you say about that? After I import a pool into a fixit
system, it won't become unbootable or something?

And I had another question, which was also important. I'll repeat
it in case it got missed somehow:

Boot environment selection from the loader menu does not work on
10.3-RELEASE, or it seems like it. I have submitted a PR
but maybe it's me doing something wrong? Could someone reproduce   

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