Freebsd Chinese mainland official mirror sites can not be used, how to open a new site?

Matthew Seaman matthew at
Fri Aug 19 07:15:13 UTC 2016

On 19/08/2016 05:03, YKLA wrote:
> Freebsd Chinese mainland in all official mirror sites have been unable to open. For example
> How New freebsd official mirror sites, or third party mirror sites?
> I noticed
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> 5.2. How to become official then?
> We are not accepting any new mirrors at this time.
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> So how should operate? thank you.

Yes, the policy on FreeBSD mirror sites has changed.

Partly this is due to infrastructure changes -- the Internet as a whole
is very much more reliable, pervasive and faster than it was even a few
years ago, and standard server hardware is now capable of much higher
workloads.  Meaning there's now no technical need to mirror FreeBSD
content out to a large number of intermediate sites.

Partly too this is about security.  Inserting backdoors into install
sets on a mirror site is an obvious attack route, and the project now
requires full administrative control over all of its public distribution
network so that it can have some assurance that sort of attack can be

Is there some problem with your being able to access
directly?  This is now a globally load balanced service with points of
presence in US East and West coasts, UK and Russia (possibly others).  I
believe the cluster admins might well be receptive to an offer to host
another mirror in East Asia, so long as it can be shown there's enough
demand to make it worth while.  However the requirements are now much
more stringent.  See:



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