Unable to print with hplip

Manish Jain bourne.identity at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 16 13:56:14 UTC 2016


I recently had to reinstall my FreeBSD operating system (10.3 amd64). For the first time, I am having to use KDE (previously I used Gnome, which is not working with my new hardware on account of a graphics adapter issue). I installed cups, added a queue for my HP Deskjet 1110 printer (USB) in the cups web interface, and then installed hplip. I am able to see my printer Deskjet 1110 in hp-toolbox, but printing a test page produces no output. This printer was working smoothly a few days back under FreeBSD 10.2 + Gnome.

I am able to print a plain text file by using the command lpr-cups, but using the HP device manager, that same file does not print and I get an error "Print command failed with status code 1. lpr -P DeskJet_1110 -o page-set=all <filename>".

Running hp-doctor, I see the following output :

error: policykit PolicyKit - Administrative policy framework OPTIONAL - 0.113 MISSING 'policykit needs to be installed'

error: dbus DBus - Message bus system REQUIRED - 1.8.20 MISSING 'DBUS may not be installed or not running'

error: reportlab Reportlab - PDF library for Python OPTIONAL 2.0 - MISSING 'reportlab needs to be installed'

error: libusb libusb - USB library REQUIRED - 1.0 MISSING 'libusb needs to be installed'

error: libpthread libpthread - POSIX threads library REQUIRED - - MISSING 'libpthread needs to be installed'

error: make make - GNU make utility to maintain groups of programs REQUIRED 3.0 - MISSING 'make needs to be installed'

Device URI: hp:/usb/DeskJet_1110_series?serial=CN57T185HT065W
Communication status: Good
Queue(s) configured correctly using HPLIP.

Checking for HP Properitery Plugin's....
No plug-in printers are configured.

I suppose the errors above relate to Linux, not to FreeBSD. Can someone please help me get the printer to print ?

Thank you
Manish Jain

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