Need advice for setting up mail server

Niklaas Baudet von Gersdorff me at
Mon Aug 8 06:31:57 UTC 2016

Doug Hardie [2016-08-07 14:17 -0700] :

> I am running spamd (obspamd last time I checked) on the mail

It's mail/spamd in ports and `obspamd` in /etc/rc.d.

> server for a medium sized ISP.  It has never worked the way the
> documentation describes.  However, it has been useful.  When
> I first installed it, around 90% of the email being received
> was dropped.  It blocks drive-by spammers who don't queue and
> retry on TMP_FAILs.  Unfortunately, it appears that many
> spammers now can afford the disk and processor resources to
> enable queueing and retrying so its usefulness is diminishing.

I also made bad experiences with its greylisting function. (I'm
not a big fan of greylisting anyway.) That's why I use it's
blocking function only:

  obspamd_flags="-l -b"

And for PF I have

  table <spamd>       persist

  rdr pass on $ext_if inet  proto tcp from <spamd> to any port smtp -> port spamd
  rdr pass on $ext_if inet6 proto tcp from <spamd> to any port smtp -> ::ffff: port spamd

In /usr/local/etc/spamd/spamd.conf I use two of the example


  # University of Alberta greytrap hits.
  # Addresses stay in it for 24 hours from time they misbehave.
    :msg="Your address %A has sent mail to a spamtrap\n\
    within the last 24 hours":\

  # Nixspam recent sources list.
  # Mirrored from
    :msg="Your address %A is in the nixspam list\n\
    See for details":\

What I like about the concept is that false positives will get
a reply that their mail was considered spam. This way they can
try to contact me over a different channel.

The problem I see with "traditional" spam checking (moving spam
into a spam folder) is that the sender does not know whether
their mail was classified as spam or not. And the other way
I don't have to check a spam folder for false positives.

I must confess though

1. I trust the quality of the blacklists.

2. The mail servers where I'm using mail/spamd at the moment
   don't get lots of traffic. So I can't really tell how
   efficient that is.

I just started using postscreen(8) and will see whether the
combination of mail/spamd and postscreen(8) is a good one. I hope
that I don't have to opt for mail/spamassassin because I find it
difficult to configure.


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