wireless hints: AP, username, password - does not work

Warren Block wblock at wonkity.com
Thu Aug 4 14:59:05 UTC 2016

On Thu, 4 Aug 2016, Ben Woods wrote:

> On 4 August 2016 at 07:47, Warren Block <wblock at wonkity.com> wrote:
>       On Wed, 3 Aug 2016, Ben Woods wrote:
>             On FreeBSD, it is as you said. Assuming you have atheros, put the following
>             in your /etc/rc.conf (replacing your_ssid_here with the wifi SSID):
>             wlans_ath0="wlan0"
>             ifconfig_wlan0="ssid *your_ssid_here* DHCP"
>             Run:
>             # service netif restart
>             Once you are connected and have an IP address, open your browser and
>             navigate to any webpage which DOESNT USE HTTPS. I commonly use
>             www.distrowatch.com, but any others you know which don't use https will
>             work. This is the part that tricks many people, as the captive portal will
>             redirect all web traffic to the portal until authenticated, but https
>             traffic will detect the server is not who they are supposed to be and fail.
>             Once authenticated, you should get a connection. Note that if can be easier
>             to connect with a mobile phone to confirm how it should work, and what the
>             SSID is etc, and then replicate on your FreeBSD laptop.
>       This can be done in /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf with just:
>         network={
>                 ssid="horriblecaptiveportal"
>                 key_mgmt="NONE"
>         }
>       Then it is not necessary to change /etc/rc.conf.
> TIL - thanks! Is it in the handbook!? :)

It's shown in passing in the WEP section:

WEP is sadly, still in use in the wild, so we can't repurpose that 
section and stop mentioning it.

The whole wireless section badly needs a rewrite and reorganization.  It 
occurs to me that we need a "WiFi for Travel" section after the quick 
start.  That would have sections on how to deal with identifying which 
obsolete, insecure protocol is being used and configuring the system to 
use it.

I will add that to my ever-growing list of doc things that need to be 

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