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Tue Aug 2 20:17:43 UTC 2016

On Tue, 2 Aug 2016 21:03:46 +0200, Alphons van Werven wrote:
> Tim Daneliuk wrote:
> > Is there a more modern tool available that does what thumbnail_index does
> > (from a command line)?
> To anyone else reading this:
> Although the OP doesn't specify it, "thumbnail_index" probably refers to
> the www/thumbnail_index port:
> % make -C /usr/ports search name=thumbnail_index
> Port:   thumbnail_index-1998.08.10_4
> Path:   /usr/ports/www/thumbnail_index
> Info:   Make an HTML index file for a bunch of images
> [snip rest]
> % cat /usr/ports/www/thumbnail_index/pkg-descr
> thumbnail_index - make an HTML index file for a bunch of images
> Run this script in a web directory consisting of all or mostly image
> files.  It'll create an index.html of thumbnail images, putting
> the thumbnail files in a hidden subdirectory.
> WWW:
> To the OP:
> Judging by the description, it sounds pretty straightforward to write a
> shell script that uses ImageMagick (graphics/ImageMagick*). Feel free to
> ask if you need help with that.

That's exactly what I did in 2007 when I needed a "quick & dirty"
"photo album" web page + thumbnail generator. Even though it's wrong
and poorly done in so many ways, it supports CSS for styling the
web page which consists of valid HTML. The thumbnail files have the
suffix "_s.jpg" ("small"), and the result is put into a directory
called "upload" designated for upload. Of course it uses ImagaMagic's
"convert" command and has all the stuff hardcoded... ;-)

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