can not connect to or IP addr port 80

Matthias Apitz guru at
Mon Aug 1 18:42:03 UTC 2016


I have some FreeBSD CURRENT netbooks and one Ubuntu in my WLAN, the WAN
IP addr is (as shown by )

none of the WLAN workstations can reach at port 80;
the command

telnet 80

shows resolving to the IP addr, but does not connect; a
tcpdump shows only SYN pkg going out to but no SYN answer
is coming in. This is as far as I can see the only side which is not
reachable, all other port 80, 443 and SSH 22 to anywhere is just fine;

Any ideas what could be wrong? I'm afraid, when I contact my ISP (a
German local telephone provider) they will ask me if I have the latest
Win7 patch installed ... :-)

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