Why is FreeBSD+GNOME not working on my Pentium laptop ?

Manish Jain bourne.identity at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 29 22:59:20 UTC 2016


I have a 5 year old Intel x86 Pentium-based laptop (Gateway NE56R). I 
just finished installing FreeBSD 10.3 (i386) with Gnome on it. I was 
expecting everything to go smoothly but the Gnome desktop is proving to 
be a disaster. Most of the desktop is trash, half the application icons 
are missing and there are no panels. Even keyboard input typed into 
gnome-terminal is not displayed correctly (some of the characters in the 
echo go missing). All necessary entries (hald_enable, polkitd_enable, 
dbus_enable, gnome_enable) are set to YES in rc.conf. I wonder what is 
wrong ?

Is there any way I can get FreeBSD and Gnome working on the laptop ? 
Thanks for any help.

Manish Jain

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