FreeBSD Update to 10.3-p1 failed

Matthew Seaman matthew at
Fri Apr 29 11:21:17 UTC 2016

On 04/29/16 11:15, Maxim Filimonov wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I'm trying to install the latest updates onto my 10.3-RELEASE boxes, and they fail:
> % sudo freebsd-update fetch install
> Looking up mirrors... 4 mirrors found.
> Fetching metadata signature for 10.3-RELEASE from done.
> Fetching metadata index... done.
> The update metadata is correctly signed, but
> failed an integrity check.
> Cowardly refusing to proceed any further.
> Is this a known issue? 

Yes, there have been a number of reports of this issue.  It seems to be
affecting anyone updating to 10.3-RELEASE -- other release branches are

There will undoubtedly be a fix produced fairly soon ie. within a day or
so. However, if you're concerned about running a vulnerable ntpd until
then, you can work around the problem by installing an up-to-date ntpd
from ports.



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