php-fpm _and_ open_basedir = Necessary?

Andy Wodfer wodfer at
Wed Apr 27 13:12:35 UTC 2016

I've spent a fair amount of hours the past few days setting up a FreeBSD
10.3 server and getting into php-fpm (with tcp pools). It works great,
however I used to have open_basedir in my virtualhost setup to strengthen
security / jailing for joomla/wordpress sites which I host a few of.

However I have big problems uploading images and media via the built in php
webuploaders in Joomla/Wordpress when open_basedir is enabled in this
php-fpm enviroment - so I disabled it and it all works good.

Now I wonder - Is open_basedir even necessary when I run php with php-fpm
pools with their own users. From what I understand php-fpm does just this
(jail) the daemon/process to its specified virtualhost/user homedir (hope
this came out correctly). ?

Thanks and best regards,

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