c compiling using clang

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Good point, Steve!

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>On Tue, 26 Apr 2016 16:56:29 +0000
>John Howie <john at thehowies.com> wrote:
>> Hi Arnab,
>> The ‘%’ is the UNIX (FreeBSD) prompt, shown in examples in text books. Do
>> not type it in. Depending on your shell, and whether or not you are
>> running as root, you might have $ or # as your prompt instead, or even
>> something fancier depending on how your profile is setup.
>> Just type “cc filename.c” (not the quotes, they are there to highlight
>> what to type). This will produce a file called a.out. You run that by
>> typing “a.out” (again, do not type the quotes). If you want to compile
>> your program to a named file you would type “cc -o myfile filename.c”,
>> and to run the program just type “myfile”.
>	Just one nit "./a.out" and "./myfile" the current directory is not
>usually in the path searched for executables.
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