[URGENT)27th April..Can you make it.?

Christopher Goh~ Christopher.goh at adadvertorials.com
Sun Apr 24 08:39:49 UTC 2016


Hope you've been have a great Sunday..

I'm actually about to head out to a friend's kids birthday party with the
but before I head out, I really had to drop you a brief email about this..

Cuz it's really important..

27th April 2016...

We're closing down and  this is my
final email about our fr,ee Qoo10 & Lazada course...

If you haven't registered you can do so here

Andrew Tan, a powerseller on Qoo10 & Lazada is going to expose all the
industry trade secrets..

So if you have any interest whatsoever in building your own empire on Qoo10
& Lazada,
or if you'replaning to do anything something for an additional income for
yourself in 2-3 months time,
but don't know where or what to start on..

You have to take the time to come down, you won't regret it..

If you can spare 3 hours, I promise you'll bring back some great
 that will help you on your journey..

End day, It's FR,EE Anyway...So There's Nothing For You To Lose And So Much
More To Gain..

I really hope you manage to come down,
as we don't know when we'll be running the next one...

Come say "Hi" if you see me...

Stay motivated & talk soon


P.S.If you see the 'CLOSED" sign in our registration page here ==>check it

That means we are no longer taking in any more registrations..

So I suggest that you register now and block off your time and actually
commit to yourself to come down  for your fre,e Qoo10 training.

This is the last and final training we have.

check it out

If you no longer wish to hear from me or receive strategies for improving
your life,
I'll be confused, lost, and lonely.
C'mon, how often do you take time out to think about your life and
And how often do you hear it from expert sources?
That's what I'm trying to help you with.
But, if you must go, I understand.
I hope our paths cross again.

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