Does HP DeskJet 1112 work with lpd on FreeBSD 10.2 amd64 ?

Matthias Apitz guru at
Tue Apr 19 09:11:35 UTC 2016

El día Tuesday, April 19, 2016 a las 02:33:00PM +0530, Manish Jain escribió:

> Hi,
> I wished to enquire whether someone has successfully got anHP DeskJet 
> 1112 to work with lpr/lpd on a FreeBSD 10.2 amd64 box. I can't get CUPS 
> to do anything on my system and would like to to use lpd.

CUPS works nice for many years on my FreeBSD systems, actually CURRENT.
Why you can't get it to do anything on your system?

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