Raid 1+0

Shamim Shahriar shamim.shahriar at
Mon Apr 18 20:07:12 UTC 2016

On 18/04/2016 20:22, Bernt Hansson wrote:
> Hello list
> Used gstripe to stripe the arrays raid/r0 + r1 into stripe0

I'm sure there are people with more expertise than I am, and they can
confirm either ways. But in my mind, given that you used RAID1 first
(mirror) and then used those two RAID1 to create a RAID0, this is
logically RAID 1+0. In other words, if you lose one disc from each of
the RAID1 you are still safe. If you lose both from one single mirror
array (highly unlikely), the stripe is unlikely to be of any use.

Hope this helps

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