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Matthew Seaman matthew at
Sun Apr 17 17:04:03 UTC 2016

On 17/04/2016 10:53, Matthias Fechner wrote:
> Am 17.04.2016 um 11:30 schrieb Reko Turja:
>> IN SPF "v=spf1 a mx -all"
>> Just saying...
> yes it seems that freebsd does not check the SPF record.
> Just saw this morning a forged mail from my domain as well:
> host -t SPF
> has SPF record "v=spf1 a mx -all"
> Would be nice if the postmaster would add a SPF check.

There used to be a very nice integrated SPF checking facility that was
available as a set of patches to the FreeBSD postfix port (postfix being
what the FreeBSD mail system runs on), but it wasn't compatible with the
latest stable version of postfix and got dropped.  Upstream would not
accept the patches for reasons I don't entirely understand, although
there would have been some extra work to do, given this seems to me to
be a natural addition to postfix's new-ish postscreen process.

Instead to get SPF checking nowadays you need to implement either
milter-sid (which was intended primarily to support the now largely
abandoned SPFv2 stuff that Microsoft tried to introduce) or else one of
the postfix-policyd-spf implementations (you get to choose from either
perl or python there.)



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